Take control of your Property Operations

Everything you need to work as an Industrious Property Team. Extend the life of your property and equipment through on Frankie.

Mobile friendly

Instantly update your team and contractors, no matter where they are.

Track jobs by priority

Prioritise work based on urgency and easily track all jobs.

Add contractors

Add all your team members and contractors with no extra charge.


No task is ever forgotten. Improve your response times with better planning.


Updates from sites anywhere. Share completed work by uploading photos.


Share the right information both inside and outside your company


Track spend per property.  One-step budgeting with Xero plug-in.


Easily find and share warranties, makes/models, blueprints and consents.

Happy contractors

Quickly assign, edit, and sign off on tasks, increasing speed and reducing double-ups
Updates from sites no matter where you are. Share completed work by uploading photos

Smart settings

Set user permissions to share the right information both inside and outside your company
Integrations with some major accounting and Job Management Systems on the way

See Frankie in action

Reduce breakdowns and downtime. Quickly move from assigned to done and keep your business running smoothly.

The future is green

Smarter operations doesn’t just mean taking control of your assets and getting jobs done. Once your operations are humming, you’ll start to see where you can better invest in your existing assets.

When you protect, maintain and reuse your current assets, you reduce your need for new builds and materials. In turn, this decreases your whole-of-life embodied carbon by reducing raw materials, construction, and waste.
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