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Everything you need to work as an Industrious Property Team. Extend the life of your property and equipment through on Frankie.

We make property costs more predictable

1. Baseline

Existing regular maintenance across your buildings is loaded into Frankie and your comms automated to contractors.

2. Healthcheck

Let's see what major tasks you might be missing so you can plan for them in the next Financial year.

3. Operate

Get your property maintenance humming based on your existing contractor base and all of the issues that crop up during the week.

4. Maximise

Make better investment decisions on your CAPEX improvements vs. continuing to repair old building products (OPEX).


This results in more predictable and lower lifecycle costs

Assets last longer and have more predictable cost profiles

Better relationships with teams through greater responsiveness to issues and less downtime

Full control and transparency of your property and operational data

Focus on your core business while maintenance happens seamlessly

we work with the best

Case Studies

We love working with Property Managers and Contractor groups to get works done on time to a high quality. Maintaining what you've got - it just makes sense.

Equinox Property

Hamish MacDonald manages a broad portfolio of commercial properties and tenants.

He needed a tool to save him time and costs by streamlining communications between tenants, facilities managers, contractors and more.

After trialling Frankie across two commercial properties with 35+ tenants, Hamish knew he had found the answer. Frankie helps him to raise, communicate with their tenants and contractors.
There is far less back and forth with Frankie. Everyone can report issues in one place, which saves a lot of time and phone calls, leaving us to get on to the job and provide a fast, reliable property management service.”
Hamish Macdonald, Property Manager
“We recommend Frankie to any manager as the tool for proactive management”
Hamish Mackereth, Senior Asset and Property Manager

Scarborough Group

Scarborough Group has a growing property portfolio to manage.

Hamish Mackereth, Senior Asset & Property Manager, approached Frankie to help take control of his multiple data and communication sources. With nothing stored centrally, he found they were jumping from one issue to the next, duplicating work and spending more time than they should on each job.

Using Frankie streamlined their communications and processes, allowing Scarborough to get to the heart of issues, quickly. With Frankie, they can now capture facility history, job status, and communication between managers, tenants and contractors – all in the one place.

Tenants can easily raise issues and visually show what is happening onsite. Both managers and trusted contractors can access and update this information within Frankie, reducing time to resolution and duplication of effort.

Moana Fisheries & Richmann Engineering

Richmann Engineering are experts in food processing and packaging machinery.

They needed a tool that would quickly and reliably communicate to their customers about food compliance and maintenance requests.

Their clients need to be certain that maintenance is up to date and meeting compliance standards to help them prevent downtime and meet delivery schedules.

Using Frankie has streamlined Richmann Engineering’s communication with clients. Their clients can view the status of compliance processes and maintenance workflows in real time.
“We’ve been able to step up our relationship with one of our major clients, Moana Fisheries. Together, we have taken them on the journey from reactive to preventative maintenance culture and I'm excited about going even further in the months ahead.”
Peet Snyman, Director

Paraparaumu College

When Geoff Bolitho started at Paraparaumu College, it wasn't a blank slate.

The previous property manager, Nick, had set up Frankie. With a few quick online sessions, Geoff was up and running. "Reactive, scheduled and recurring tasks are all able to be managed. Communications become easier to those that request a task to keep them updated."
“The future is looking brighter for the management of our Property at Paraparaumu College with the help of Frankie.”
Geoff Bolitho, Property Manager

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