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The Operations tool where you can develop and maintain the best learning experience for your students. Simplify your School kitchen maintenance into the same tool.

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Paraparaumu College

When Nick Harris started at Paraparaumu College, it was a bit of a blank slate.

The previous property manager had taken great care of the school, but all the information was in his head. "When my predecessor left after 16 years of service a huge amount of historical information left with him. It has been a challenging few months getting myself familiar with the school and ensuring everything functions as it should” says Nick.
“When it’s my time to leave, my successor will hit the ground running!”
Nick Harris, Property Manager at Paraparaumu College
Nick knew that Frankie was the right tool for his challenge. He quickly got Frankie up and running and knows that he never has to worry about documents or maintenance schedules again. It’s all there at the click of a button. Nick happily declares “when it’s my time to leave, my successor will hit the ground running!"

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Stay ahead of building issues and drive cost savings
Never start from scratch again. Leave a legacy of good property management
One-click reporting for the Board and key stakeholders
Manage your School Kitchen and stay ahead of your food safety requirements

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