No more downtime. Get ahead of building breakdowns today
We built Frankie to help Property & Operations teams prevent maintenance disasters.
Savings come when you have the time to think ahead.

Getting your Industrial properties and all of their maintenance requirements onto a new system can be a real hassle.

With Frankie, it's a breeze. Just mark out the key tasks, share with contractors and away you go.

Immediate value

We know Industrial

Baseline operations

Understand what tasks are being completed across your warehouses, yards, DC's
and where the gaps are.

Take back control

Manage costs carefully over the next 6-12 months to maximise your profit margin.

Track key assets

Understand the location and condition of your assets easily.

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Get set up quickly

It can be challenging to move to a new tool. Frankie focuses on getting to know your properties from day one and we'll be on hand to get you set up.


Map sites

Add you sites, and
review your OPEX to see
where you could save.



Start adding works, and connecting to other core tools like accounting and calendars.



Track tasks, manage reported issues and
analysing your performance with our analytics.

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