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Gain actionable insights

Facilities will become more efficient if you know where to focus your efforts. Use our summary dashboard to get a portfolio-wide visibility into the performance of your properties, assets and works to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.


Efficiency tracking
Identify which locations have the most works, and how quickly repairs are carried out there. Examine bottlenecks at various stages of the maintenance process
Asset optimisation
Discover which assets tend to break more often than others to identify if a replacement is required
Portfolio management

See the big picture

See your property portfolio in one location and easily manage all of your facilities with Frankie’s map view. Add floor plans to each facility so you never get confused about a work or asset again.


Map your network
Visualise the physical distribution of your portfolio with the map and easily navigate to each property to check its health and manage any works or assets in that location.
Manage individual floors
Let an image say a thousands words. Help your teams and contractors locate works and assets faster by adding a floorplan to your property.
WORKS management

Control the chaos

Forget spreadsheets, improve response time and get on top of every reactive repairs or regular maintenance with Frankie. Easily track the progress of each work, set priority and send the details to contractor for easy information exchange.


Issue reports
Give tenants access to report an issue where they can attach a photos, floor plan and an issue title and description
Schedule maintenance
Stay on track and automate maintenance activities by scheduling recurring works or regular tasks
Prioritise works
Select the priority of the work
order based on its urgency and easily track which works you should examine more closely
ASSET management

Manage and maintain your key assets

Manage and track every asset from a single platform. Record all asset-related details, map locations, audit the health of your assets with warranty data and repair history.


Record keeping
Store all asset-related information in one place, from the model and make to adding warranty and technical specification information
Add assets on the go
Take Frankie with you to the field in a mobile view to easily add assets to the floor plan as you go around your facility

Empower your people

Share a centralised space to keep your team up to date. It easy to invite and onboard your team to start using Frankie together. Then collaborate, create and edit items in real time — changes are instantly synced across everyone’s devices.


Invite team members
Set up your organisation and invite your employees to it. That way your staff will also have access to Frankie and you can work as a team
Assign people to works
Divide and conquer. Assign tasks to specific users so that no one ends up working on the same work order and everyone knows their responsibilities
Share with contractors
Share a link to any work order with your contractors, so that you could easily share information with people outside the organisation

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High performance programme
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Unlimited properties and floors
Unlimited works, assets and hazards records
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4 weeks +

Unlimited tenant issue reports
Mobile compatibility
Multi-user access
Local 24/7 support

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